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Tourmalet Day Trips

Tourmalet Day Trips



Sepcialized one day trips to ride the Col du Tourmalet.

Whether you are in the area for a holiday, passing through during your travels or visiting for work on a conference, if you are into cycling, you have to ride the almighty Col du Tourmalet.



We will take care of everything for you from start to finish:

We can meet you in Toulouse or wherever you may be staying and transport you to the Pyrenees.  We can provide you with a bike and even a power-meter should you so desire.  Our guide knows the climb well and will guide you on your Tourmalet ride.  You may chose from a challenging 100km loop over the Col du Tourmalet, or a shorter out and back ride that tackles the famous climb from either the Western or the Eastern side.

Price: 150 Euro per/person –  guided ride (rental bicycle and equipment extra)

Tourmalet:  100km Loop

A stunning and challenging loop in the Pyrenees.


We can meet you in Toulouse and transport you to Bagneres de Bigorre for the start of our ride.  If you need a rental bike, we can take care of it and have the bike ready for you when we meet.

This loop will take on the famous Tourmalet from the most commonly used side in Tour de France history.  The climb officially starts in the little village of Saint Marie de Campan; from here it is 17.5km to the summit.  We will then descend the other side of the mountain to complete our loop of 100km.  We will be on hand to share our experience in the high mountains and assist you in how to take on the big climbs.


This is a fairly challenging loop but is well worth the effort.  You may chose to stop at one of the local cafes for a break, coffee or some lunch.

Should you require a fully supported ride with a follow car with spare wheels, drinks and some food, we can provide this for an extra fee. 


Contact us for details.


Tourmalet:  Out & Back

Tick that Tourmalet box.


If you are not looking for a long ride, or if you are limited on time, you may chose and out & back ride taking you up either the Eastern or the Western side of the Tourmalet.  Upon reaching the top of the climb, we will then turn back around and descend the same side we just rode up.  This ride will be approx. 40-50kms depending on which side you chose to take on.  Local cafes are available at the bottom and the top of the climb for a break, coffee or some lunch.


Should you require a fully supported ride with a follow car with spare wheels, drinks and some food, we can provide this for an extra fee. 


Contact us for details.

Tourmalet:  Groups

In town with some friends or with a group?


We can provide you and your group with transportation, rental bikes and a guided ride on the Col du Tourmalet tailored to your groups’ requirements.

Contact us to start discussing your needs and requirements.

Tourmalet:  The Climb & History

The Col du Tourmalet is one of the most famous climbs on the Tour de France. It has been included more than any other pass, starting in 1910, when the Pyrenees were introduced.


In 1913, Eugène Christophe broke his fork on the Tourmalet and repaired it himself at a forge in Sainte-Marie-de-Campan.


The Pyrenees were included in the Tour de France at the insistence of Alphonse Steinès, a colleague of the Tour de France organiser, Henri Desgrange. He told the story in a book published soon after the event.

Steinès first agreed that the Tour would pay 2,000 francs to clear the Col d’Aubisque, then came back to investigate the Tourmalet. He started at Sainte-Marie-de-Campan with sausage, ham and cheese at the inn opposite the church and arranged to hire a driver called Dupont from Bagnères-de-Bigorre. Dupont and Steinès made it the first 16 km, after which their car came to a stop. Dupont and Steinès started to walk but Dupont turned back after 600m, shouting: “The bears come over from Spain when it snows”. Steinès set off. He mistook voices in the darkness for thieves. They were youngsters guarding sheep with their dog. Steinès called to one.

“Son, do you know the Tourmalet well? Could you guide me? I’ll give you a gold coin. When we get to the other top, I’ll give you another one”

The boy joined him but then turned back.

Steinès rested on a rock. He considered sitting it out until dawn, then realised he’d freeze. He slipped on the icy road, then fell into a stream. He climbed back to the road and again fell in the snow. Exhausted and stumbling, he heard another voice.

“Tell me who goes there or I’ll shoot”.

“I’m a lost traveller. I’ve just come across the Tourmalet”.

“Oh, it’s you, Monsieur Steinès! We were expecting you! We got a phone call at Ste-Marie-de-Campan. Everybody’s at Barèges. It’s coming on for three o’clock. There are search teams of guides out looking for you”.


The organising newspaper, L’Auto, had a correspondent at Barèges, a man called Lanne-Camy. He took him for a bath and provided new clothes.

Steines sent a telegram to Desgrange: “Crossed Tourmalet stop. Very good road stop. Perfectly feasible”.



From €150 / day


Rental Bike:




May - October



Tourmalet, Pyrenees, France


Start & Finish:             


Bagneres de Bigorre,




Ride the almighty

Col du Tourmalet


Trip Size:           

1 to 4 people






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